Do you want to play the very best styles from all Tyros models in your PSR?

Now it´s possible with my conversion!

The models Psr-1100/2100 (1000/1500/2000/3000/S700/S900) cannot play or read style files from the Tyros 3 and 4 without any converting. That's because they use a new different format called SFF2. The files are also usually too large for some of the Psr (1100/1000/2000/2100). I have converted about 250 styles, tweaked to best. First of all I changed to previous format SFF1, decline the size, added proper bass voices, changed volume settings, add and changed voices in the various tracks, create new drums and changed drumkit, and added a better OTS settings than the original. In short I spend hundreds of hours. I used different types of softwares and especially my ears to make it sound good in the PSR. Please listen to the difference before and after conversion, (click here). There are two different style packages (both includes Premium Styles). To select the right package see below for your keyboard model.

Style Package 1 (includes 15 Premium Styles) for models: Psr-1000/2000, 1100/1500/2100.

Style Package 2 (Includes 20 Premium Styles) for models: PSR-3000, PSR S700/S900, S710/S910.

Premium styles are unique styles of accompaniment (usually from well-known songs) in high quality.

Note: Psr-3000 and later Psr-arranger contains with Megavoices, and also different drums in the Dancekit than previous Psr (1000/1100/2000/2100), hence 2 different Style Packages.

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